Monday, July 7, 2008

KG300 back


eddykirk said...

Hey! that looks just like the back of my Suzuki W300DX. I just ran across this blog and I gotta spout about my Kiso Suzi. I'D NEVER SELL IT! how's that come across? get the picture? The guitar is amazing, period. I'll try to get a pic uploaded somewhere. :-)
- Eddy

Anonymous said...

I bought my KG-300 Kiso-Suzuki guitar in 1978 new for $100 from Veneman Music in a Maryland suburb of Wash. D.C. I once saw one in a music store for $300. It still looks and plays great. One minor ding on the top and I had to replace one tuner. Wish I knew more about them.
Happy 30th birthday guitar.