Monday, September 21, 2009

WE 150 front


Jorge said...

jorge said...

kiso-suzuki model we-150. serial number: 71067. made in japan (in 70's i suppose)

laminated spruce top, laminated mahogany? back and sides

big headstock (gibson-gretsch inspiration), martin logo copy

tacky tuners (originals i suppose), the fretboard an bridge wood is not rosewood

plastic nut and saddle (i make a new bone's saddle for better sound), adjustable bridge

big square plastic position dots, black pickguard..

c.roncari said...

Cristian from Italy said ..

I own the same model WE-150. Serial N.50344 ( a bit older i suppose ). Same guitar, same woods but something different. Headstock logo is not Martin style (same of this site's W-100 model). Soundhole rosette has same theme of top's edge. Different tuners. Pretty sound and lovly smell of old wood. I saved her 3yr ago from a bad guy :-)

NewsicHome said...

Hi, I got also a Kiso Suzuki WE-150 with Serial 61281. It's a wonderful guitar.

jonah keen said...

I have the we-150 too! Pretty sure it was made in 1980. It doesn't sound very good plugged in. Anyone know where I can get a new pickup for it? The music store said the metal strip pickup they have won't work in this guitar because of the metal thing that holds the bridge in place
Please help