Sunday, March 13, 2011

WE200 front


juan carlos said...

The top is laminated. With a magnifyng glass I can see three layers of wood. If you need a photo or the thickness i can send you.

The guitar sounds very well .... I think, but I'm not a good player ( I'm learning again) and in the lasts years I have not played with other people and can't contrast its sound.

The back of the guitar is made of an exotic wood which in Spain is know as "palosanto" or "palisandro", and searching in internet i see its the same of rosewood of India more than rosewood of Brazil, but i'm not an expert in exotic woods. I think is also laminated.

Searching in internet I have found another WE-200, which a guy in Madrid has found in the street, broken, and has repaired. I have copied the adress of the internet chat where he has published some photos. The guitar is similar to mine, but the back wood it's not the same, is more dark. The label is also different, but is clearly an WE-200.

Matsie said...

I get hold of a WT290 12string. It was a present to me from an old guy.
He said the guitar is very old.
I did not see any other WT290 on this blog.
Seems to me its rare...