Saturday, May 12, 2012

W65 DA front

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Alfie said...

I'm living in Hong Kong of China ,I've just got this Kiso Suzuki guitar in local second
hand shop but I surfed through the internet and couldn't find much detail information about
this guitar .So I want to the share the photos to figure out what the serial no .means inside the gtr.(which is labeled W-65DA )
The sound of the guitar is quite good that the action and intonation is in perfect condition
but it doesn't look like the top model.

My friend repaired my suzuki guitar for months but I forgot your mail and just found it , my friend told me that the top
is made of Ceder (actually it is spruce...Tomas) , other part is probably made of laminated(but unknown wood).
This one is seldom played for years so the frets are nearly 95 percent new when I play more, the sound seems more open(warmer).
And he also told me that he had one nearly 20 years ago they called it " White Dove",thanks!