Monday, January 28, 2008

9507 label


kisoplayer said...

I have a 9507, Gibson Hummingbird copy, with a few physical differences to the guitar seen here on your website. The bridge is a different shape and the headstock is true to the Gibson it’s imitating.

I have owned this guitar since 1973, it was bought for me by my father for my 21st birthday.

After all these years, as you would expect, there is some wear on the fingerboard and frets, and a little distortion of the soundboard, but the guitar is still in remarkably good condition and none of this ‘normal’ wear and tear affects the playability. The neck is perfect, it stays in tune and the tone is quite remarkable.

The construction of the guitar has clearly stood the test of time and so I give top marks to the luthiers at Kiso Suzuki.

As for the materials used, well I’m certainly no expert, but as far as I can tell the top is solid spruce, the body is almost certainly mahogany, or similar, but I have no idea whether solid or laminate. The neck is also mahogany, I think. The fingerboard and bridge are made from rosewood. The saddle is adjustable and the fingerboard is fitted with a zero fret.

A couple of years ago I spotted a 12-string version for sale on ebay, which I was fortunate enough to win in the auction. This guitar is circa early 1970’s too and apart from the obvious requirements of a 12-string, ie. a beefed up headstock, bridge and a wider neck, the guitar is almost identical to its 6-string sibling.

Both guitars are ‘all original’ and still played regularly, if not too frequently out of respect for their age, and continue to give a great deal of pleasure to player and listener alike.

Thanks for your website and any information you have on Kiso Suzuki and it’s guitars is of great interest.

Many thanks

Kind regards

Duncan Lee

Anonymous said...

I have owned a 9507 Suzuki guitar since 1985, bought second hand in Liverpool. This guitar has given amazing service over the years, performing with it in clubs, busking occasionally. It has a lovely tone, and good projection.
It is also very robust and is still in excellent playing condition. I have had new frets, nut and tuning heads. Its still the best guitar I have owned, including Wasburn, Ibanez.
THanks for your note.
Dave Webster

Kater Mikesch said...

My Guitar looks like yours, with another Headstock. Bought ist 25 years ago second hand as a Hummingbird Copie in Germany. Its Model Number is 42 / 290 without a alphabetic letter in it like W-???? it's just Model 42/290. Anybody know this Model? Wood? Thanks for any hints on it. Andy, Germany. Dunno how to post a photo here ... sorry...