Sunday, January 27, 2008

FM80 label


Anonymous said...

I've had this same model, FM80 for about 17years. I bought it for £40 in a junk shop, and have always thought it sounded really pretty good - although the action is a little hard on the fingers! Do you know anything about the woods used, when they were made etc?

thewearyadlerian said...

made in Kiso Japan possibly 1969 early 70s FM flame maple woods 80 means it sold for 8000Y so low/mid quality for the make. Every individual guitar was unique ie you could have a fm80 with a solid headstock or a cut one !

thewearyadlerian said...

FM = flame maple, the woods used
80 = 8000 yen orig price so its low/mid range quality
made in Kiso (city) suzuki (manufacturer) factory japan

each KS was hand crafted no 2 the same even if you had 2 FM80 next to each other they'd have diff parts, looks etc

probably made 1969 early 70s