Sunday, January 27, 2008

W350 front


Anonymous said...

Hello ! I have a W350, at least 35 years old. Fantastic guitar for all folk music. I used to play CSN&Y on it, singing along. And J.J.Cale and others. I'm not a technician of wood, so I cannot comment about. But the craftmanship is superb and the back in three colors (1 in center and 2 along). I'll post some pics on your mail.
Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Is it for sale? If so could you send me a fb message? Kathleen Trexler Hudson, my dad bought me one when I was a little girl to help me through tough times. Hope the person who stole it is taken good care of it! :)

bernd said...

hey, bernd from germany here, wanted to post pics of my W-350 but mail kept coming back ... my serial is beginning with 70, and the guitar has no pickguard, never had, and i do believe its all solid .. for pics, mail me

(but it´s not for sale, sorry._)

Marc said...

Marc from Germany here.
I want to sell my Kiso Suzuki W-350. Its in a very good condition.
I also want to sell my Ngoya Suzuki G-20, its in near mint condition.

I will ship overseas too.
Interested in pics?
Mail to

Anonymous said...

Hey Marc, Have you sold the W-350 yet? Would love to see her condition.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I inherited my late brother's Suzuki W350 that looks just like the one in the post. It is in great condition and of course has a lot of sentimental value. However having been in storage a long time needs new stings,any suggestions to play folk and country picking and strumming?